Choi Soobin wearing glasses for ‘Run Away’ stage

He looked just himself when he performed ‘Dolphin’ but in this performance, he really looks like BTOB Lee Minhyuk 

A simple comparison may not be enough for you to see the resemblance, but if you watch the video you’ll know what I’m talking about…. I know that Soobin has always been known for looking like Minhyuk but not so much recently, but I was so surprised by how similar they are in this performance

Original post: Pann


[+31,-0]Lee Minhyuk is freaking handsome…

[+29,-0]Minhyuk is really good-looking, I f***ing miss him

[+28,-0]Woahㅋㅋㅋㅋ Minhyuk and Soobin are 10 years apart, that’s awesome!…

[+16,-0]Crazy!! Why is Minhyuk looking so handsome? When is he coming back from military??

[+11,-0]I don’t know who edited this picture but this one is really amazing!!

[+9,-0]If we’re talking about their appearance, they’re a little bit different, no? But their overall vibe and atmosphere is similar somehow! Lee Minhyuk, come back quickly!!

[+8,-0]They somehow look similar and different at the same time..

[+6,-0]Doesn’t this one look like Soobin? But it’s Minhyuk

[+5,-0]I’m another group fan, but I gotta admit that both are so handsome, every time I see them, they look like twins to me

[+5,-0]They really look like siblings…

[+4,-0]I’m a Melody but I had the same feeling when I watched that performance, he looks so much like Minhyuk.. I miss himㅠㅜㅜ

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