I can’t believe Jiyeon was 20 y/o here

I thought she was at least 22-23 y/o here

That’s when the bullying scandal blew up… Woah… I feel bad for her and I’m so proud that she made it through

Original post: Instiz

1.How can a person have that kind of power when she’s just 20 y/o?~~~~

2.I thought Jiyeon was the prettiest person in the universe when I saw her for the first time… She’s too pretty!

3.I thought she looked like an adult at that time but looking at these Gifs now, I think she was too young…… I can’t believe a young and soft-hearted person as Jiyeon had to experience such cruel things at that age

4.She’s such a softie. She actually cries so easily even though she gives off that powerful woman vibe….

5.Jiyeon was too young when she debuted…

6.Woah! 20 y/o? She was the same age as me now…. How did she survive that time?

7.So pretty! She looks young now

8.DAY BY DAY era was legendary…

9.Woah!! She’s really pretty and has such a luxurious vibe

10.Jiyeon received a lot of hate back then. I feel so bad for her whenever I think about it now, it must have been too much for her to handle at an early age…

11.Park Jiyeon, thank you so much for hanging in thereㅠㅠ

12.DAY BY DAY music video was so fun!!

13.I still remember all comments I read back then. 8 years went by but I still can’t forget about it…

14.Jiyeon, I love you. Don’t get sick and please always be happy!

15.Woah! She’s a real Goddess!

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