Update of Park Bogum’s face (taken by ‘Stranger’ director)

These are shots from the new teaser of <Record of Youth> that was released today!

It’s directed by Ahn Gil-ho ( director of: Stranger season 1, Memories of the Alhambra, Watcher), the drama will start airing September 7th

Original post: Theqoo

1.Woah, look at that crazy face! So f***ing handsome, that short hair makes the shape of his face look even better!!

2.The drama looks fun already!

3.I can’t believe he looks great with that hair-cut!

4.Woah… What’s up with that face?? I think that short hair frames his face better and makes it more prominent, I’ll make sure to watch this drama

5.It’s already fun since Bogum’s in it!

6.Park Bogum’ looks f***ing handsome, and those teaser screenshots are all amazing. “Stranger” and “Memories of the Alhambra” were very well directed so I’m gonna watch this drama!

7.Oh! His face stands out with that short hair. I can’t wait for this drama to start airing!

8.When is September coming??

9.Ah! I totally trust director Ahn Gil-ho’s work!!

10.Will his role be a model in this drama? F***ing handsome!!

11.It’s good to change your hairstyle according to the character you’ll play! I’m praying for this drama to be fun, I’m so excited for it!!

12.The female lead is Park Sodam????

13.That hairstyle fits him perfectly!!

14.I hope you’ll work hard and leave us a lot of videos before enlisting. Take care out there!

15.I really hope this drama will hit big! Even bigger that “Love in Moonlight”

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