Collection of Sana’s Legendary Pictures (HD)

*Click on every single one to see it!!*

Original post: Pann


[+67,-3]Sana’s legendary picture is this one❤️


[+36,-3]Real life doll

[+26,-27]Vote up and down

[+21,-1]Seriously, she’s f***ing pretty… She’s TWICE’s only ‘E’(extrovert). I’m so proud of her

[+20,-0]Looks like JYP’s really good at casting, just look at Suzy too. I’ve never seen a Japanese woman who has the same type of beauty as Sana

[+20,-0]I can see why men and women of all ages like her ㅋㅋ

[+18,-0]What makes her even prettier is the fact that you can find this type face anywhere

[+15,-0]Legendary 3❤️

[+13,-0]F***ing pretty!

[+12,-1]I fancy you~

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