Your favourite vocal color in K-Pop

I personally f***ing like NCT Haechan’s vocal color…. I really didn’t know much about NCT but I was so surprised when I heard “My First and Last” intro by chance, I loved his tone so much that I kept replaying that part. I liked his voice in the live version of “Back To You” as well

I also love BTOB Lee Changsub, Seventeen Hoshi and EXO D.O.’s voices

What about you?

Original post: Pann



[+333,-114]Lee Haechan’s tone in “Love again”‘s intro is legendary!

[+242,-91]I like NCT Haechan’s voice too

[+230,-156]V! I was so surprised when I heard his voice for the first time

[+178,-23]I felt like I’m in heaven after listening to Jungkook’s “Ending Scene” cover. I freaking like his vocal tone when he covers pop song, “Paper Heart” especially

[+165,-23]Jungkook’s vocal color is really pretty… It has an innocent and pure feel

[+146,-36]D.O. and Haechan

[+133,-16]BTS Jungkook’s vocal color is the best

[+130,-18]Hwasa, Jungkook and Joy


[+113,-42]Rosé, Jimin, Haechan…. Jungwoo……

[+108,-13]Jeon Jungkook

[+99,-23]D.O, Baekhyun, Haechan and Wonpil

[+96,-30]Lee Changseop and Byun Baekhyun

[+95,-12]Jungkook’s vocal tone is somehow between a man and a young boy, just hearing him sing makes my heart flutter

12 thoughts on “Your favourite vocal color in K-Pop

  1. I love haechan but i love Doyoung’s clear voice. Although sometimes he sounds like tseil, but his signature clear voice just makes me feel things like i cant explain somethjng like fresh and clean.


  2. Jungkook is such an amazing singer, his voice is so beautiful and his background vocals and adlibs in BTS’s songs are really amazing, his voice it’s almost like melodies, I also love Seulgi from Red Velvet she’s an incredible singer.


  3. GOT7 is the best 🙄
    JB is the only male idol to have reached the E5 note that only a woman can achieve with the song Love Loop, thanks 🤠🔥
    Youngjae’s voice is very beautiful, Jinyoung’s too, why the hell no one mentions these talented guys, and with the best voices from Kpop, GOT7 is not very recognized in Korea as BTS but they are already passing ignorant in that country 🌚


  4. ONF’s MK!!! His voice is just like lemon. It’s either you’ll love it or hate it. He can sing(almost all of them) So Chan Whee’s Tears in the original key.


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