I was surprised to know these idol’s stage names were their real names

There are a lot of idols with pretty and unique names that sound like stage names

AOA’s former member: Choa
Her real name is Park Choa

Real name: Kim Jennie

Gugudan Mimi
Real name: Jeong Mimi

Real name:Lee Jeno

Cosmic Girls Luda
Real name:Lee Luda

DAY6 Wonpil
Real name:Kim Wonpil

Choa, Jennie, Mimi, Jeno, Luda and Wonpil are all pretty names

If there are any other idols with unique names please write them in the comments

Original post: Pann


[+46,-2]Choa’s name is really pretty

[+36,-31]Wheein of MAMAMOO’s real name is Jung Wheein!

[+35,-2]Jeno’s name is amazing!

[+15,-1]Lee Luda’s name is so pretty… I thought Luda was just a foreign name at firstㅠㅠ

[+10,-1]Moonbin! That’s his real name! His last name is Moon and the first name is Bin

[+9,-3]Moonbyul’s real name is Moon Byul Yi, her last name is Moon while her first name Byul-yi, it’s so cute and pretty somehow

[+7,-0]I thought Luna was just her stage name, turned out that was her real name

[+6,-1]Moonbyul of MAMAMMOO’s real name is Moon Byul Yi

[+6,-1]Lee Luda’s name is freaking pretty

[+5,-1]My friend’s name is Lee Luri her sibling’s is Lee Luda, aren’t their names too pretty?ㅠㅠㅠ It gives a hopeful feel somehowㅠㅠ

[+3,-1]GWSN Lena’s real name is Lena

[+2,-1]Chanyeol! I thought that was his stage name the first time I heard it

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