I feel like I’m gonna go crazy today because of Kim Soohyun’s face

Original post: Theqoo

1.Woah he’s so handsome!

2.I just keep thinking about how handsome Kim Soohyun is whenever he comes out when I’m watching the drama

3.Crazy! He’s f***ing handsome, how is it possible that he’s only getting more and more handsome as time goes by

4.I envy you cause you’re so good looking… You must feel so good whenever you look in the mirror

5.Oh! My heart’s beating so fast!

6.You’ll go even crazier if you watch the video

7.But he still looks so young even after coming back from military

8.Our Kang Tae looks like a totally different person with his hair styled differentlyㅋㅋㅋ

9….Just how charming can he get? …. He’s so handsome!

10.Even as woman in my 30s, I almost fainted because of how handsome Kim Soohyun looks

11.He’s looks f***ing handsome with Kang Tae’s styling, but this is a different type of handsome!!

12.That face+ his amazing acting skills…. Phew!

13.There’s a lot of handsome people out there, but this kind of aura, this kind of charm can’t be found anywhere. He’s a unique top star!

14.How come he didn’t get older after coming back from military?

15.Woah, seriously, he’s so good-looking…. I wonder how would it feel like to live with such a face….

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