IU and Jungkook “Ending Scene” Edit is Freaking Amazing

Their voices are freaking goodㅜㅜ

Original post: Pann


[+59,-5]Their voice color is freaking awesome

[+51,-3]Just to let you know, they lowered the pitch of Jungkook’s part to match the original key. If you wanna hear Jungkook’s solo cover, you can download it from Sound-cloud or look for it on YouTube

[+51,-4]I really like Jungkook’s voice color and don’t even get me started on IU

[+21,-1]https://btsblog.ibighit.com/m/384 Jungkook sounds even better in this one… I think they slightly lowered the pitch in order to fit the original

[+12,-2]This is truly crazy…

[+10,-1]My favourite Jungkook cover is “Lost Star”, just go look for it on YouTube you won’t regret it…

[+9,-0]Jungkook has such a distinctive voice and it goes well with IU’s voice. This one is great too, please give it a listen!

[+9,-1]Did people who pressed dislike listened to the edit at all? It’s freaking goodㅜㅜㅜ

[+9,-2]Best collab!

[+8,-1]I think both of their voices’ pitches were slightly adjusted… But it sounds very nice nevertheless…

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