IU and Baekhyun are Really Close

fan:IU sang Baekhyunie’s UN Vlillage
Baekhyun:Soo-yah!! Soo sang my song!

They even followed each other’s accounts on IG yesterday!

Original post: Pann


[+153,-7]Every time something like this happens”Moon Lovers” fans lose their minds… …even if we get a 2nd season, we can’t see Wang Eun and Hae Soo, the grain of rice line again, right? Give me a modern version of ‘Moon Lovers’ please, why is the handkerchief scene gone? Give me my ‘Moon Lovers’ family.

[+130,-7]Please make a duet… Please


[+62,-0]IU who’s telling baekhyun to concentrateㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+54,-0]Singing each other’s song in this life is the best thing!

[+43,-0]IU singing UN Village was great by the way, I like the original song as well, I listened to it a lot. Baekhyun and IU, fighting!

[+39,-38]Vote up and against (to prevent trolls) Baekhyun and IU who’ve been friends since the drama, follow each other now. Wang Eun and Hae Soo, I’m rooting for you*^^*

[+30,-0]I’m a UAENA but I became a fan of Baekhyun this timeㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜ I bought his new album but what else should I do? This is my first time being a fan of a male idol

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