If you could be born as one of them in your next life…

Who would you choose?

1-Brooke Shields

2-Jennifer Connelly

3-Olivia Hussey 

4-Audrey Hepburn 

Original post: Theqoo

  1. 11111 She’s a little too tall, but she’s so pretty!

2. 33 I wanna look like her

3.They’re all so beautiful 😭😭😭 but I personally like Brooke Shields

4. 44444444 Hepburn’s neckline and body are just perfect…

5.All of their faces are f***ing pretty, but 1 is too tall for my taste, I’ll go with 4

6.I can’t choose between 4 and 1

7. 4! She’s so prettyㅜㅜ

8.Seriously, all of them are so f***ing pretty…

9.I’ve never seen 1 before, she’s f***ing pretty!

10.Audrey Hepburn without a doubt!!

11.Jennifer Connelly!! She has that luxurious and elegant vibe…

12.Seriously, Brooke Shields is just so beautiful…. Audrey Hepburn is really… elegant and f***ing beautiful…. I don’t know who to choose, this lineup is crazy!

13.Why didn’t you include Marilyn too? I personally like Marilyn Monroe

14.Brooke Shields was legendary in her 20s, her face changed so much as she grew older

15. 444 It was the first time I’ve ever been fascinated by someone’s face in a movie

5 thoughts on “If you could be born as one of them in your next life…

  1. Doesn’t matter their preference of skin tones, features. None of these girls attract me. Beauty is subjective.
    Appearance will not matter in the future, be happy, live the child within and do not let yourself be brainwashed by superficiality


  2. For things like this, society is as it is.
    I say this for the good of people. If you compare people like them, you will compare yourself equally with others.


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