IU X Yeo Jingoo’s ‘Hotel del Luna’ to have a US remake

tvN’s hit 2019 series “Hotel Del Luna” is going to be remade as an American television series.

This past February, CJ ENM and Studio Dragon entered into a strategic partnership with American production company Skydance Media for joint investment in and production of global dramas and films. Previous works by Skydance include films “Terminator,” “6 Underground,” and “Mission Impossible,” and TV series “Grace and Frankie,” “Altered Carbon,” and “Jack Ryan.”

The contract between the companies differs from other intellectual property contracts in that Studio Dragon will be involved in the production process from beginning to end on equal footing as Skydance.

The American remake of “Hotel Del Luna” will be written by Alison Schapker, the co-showrunner and executive producer of season two of Netflix’s “Altered Carbon.” She is also well-known for her work on “Fringe,” “Scandal,” and “Alias.”

Park Hyun, the head of Studio Dragon’s Global Division, said, “We’re incredibly happy to be working with globally renowned production company Skydance as well as writer Alison Schapker, and we’re looking forward to the future. ‘Hotel Del Luna’ being chosen as our first collaborative project shows that our company’s work is globally competitive.”

He continued, “We will lead the ‘Hotel Del Luna’ project to success, and we will create international dramas that more people from around the world can enjoy. In doing so, we will become a premium drama studio that can elevate the status of Korean content.”

Bill Bost, president of Skydance Television, said, “At its core, ‘Hotel Del Luna’ is a spectacular visual fantasy grounded in a story about the importance of human connection, lost lives, and unfinished business. We are excited to be partnering with Alison and Studio Dragon to bring this timeless story to a global audience.” Cr

Original post: Theqoo

1.Woah….. Daebak!

2.My Jang Manwol will always be IU ㅠㅠ

3.I think it’s gonna be crazy with CG effects since it’s an American fantasy…ㅎ

4.Oh, I’m looking forward to it…

5.Oh, I wonder who’s gonna play Jang Manwol in the U.S versionㅋㅋ

6.Wasn’t there a plagiarism controversy about it? So how are they selling it?

7.First of all, this is going to be very scary coming out of the U.S. I think unlike the Korean version, where the ghosts are still cute, the ghost scenes in American version will be like horror movie….

8.I wonder how the U.S. will implement CG

9.IU is the only Jang Manwol to me… But if it’s an American version, it’ll be awesome, right? Looking forward to it

10.I haven’t seen the drama yet but I saw a lot of people talking about it last year, is it fun? I’m thinking about whether I should watch it or not…

11.Guys, what plagiarism are you talking about? Don’t you know what a cliché is?? The past life part was just a cliché …. I know many of the Hong sisters’ previous works were actually plagiarized and deserve to be criticized, but not “Hotel del Luna”!

12.That’s amazing!! If it’s an American remake, then it’s definitely gonna be on a bigger scale. Waiting to see how this is gonna turn out

13.Apart from the ending, the drama was fun overall, I’m super excited for this

14.Woah… that’s amazing. I wonder who’s going to play Jang Manwolㅠㅠ

3 thoughts on “IU X Yeo Jingoo’s ‘Hotel del Luna’ to have a US remake

    1. The summary of the storyline of HDL resembles a little bit of the manga “xxxHolic” (2003) which also has a female lead character who was cursed and has been in life for over 1000 years and runs services for ghost and some cliché stuffs. It’s far from plagiarism, but HDL got inspired by the manga imo although Hong Sisters never claim it.


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