A Rookie actress under Kim Soohyun’s agency who has Yoona+Krystal vibe

These are profile photos that she took when she joined KSH’s agency,

I’m not an acquitance of her who’s trying to make her go viral

Also, I’m not the only one who feels that way, she’s always been popular for her Yoona and Krystal ressemblance. She actually got a casting offer from SM

She’s a student of  Sunhwa Arts High School who was famous on IG. It looks like she joined Kim Soohyun’s agency now

Original post: Theqoo

1.I don’t know about Yoona or Krystal, but I think she looks like Seo Yeji! She’s pretty

2.She doesn’t look like Krystal in her selcas, but she kinda gives off her vibe in the agency’s profile photos

3.She looks like Seo Yeji

4.Heol, I remember I saw her on Instagram last year!

5.It looks like every picture has a different face and her profile photos are much more different

6.I don’t know about Yoona or Krystal, but I gotta admit, she’s pretty!

7.Woah, she’s seriously so pretty. She looks the prettiest in her selcas

8.I think she’s a mixture between Seo Yeji and Kim Sejeong

9.Oh, I’ve already see her on Instagram. So, she’s debuting? I think she kinda have the same vibe as Seunghee

10.She’s pretty, but I don’t see the Yoona and Krystal ressemblance

11.I don’t see Yoona…. She looks more like Kim Saeron and Seo Yeji in her profile photos

12.Oh, she’s gorgeous!

13.She’s so pretty…. She has that soft image that I likeㅠㅠㅠㅠ

14.How old is she? She looks like a baby…

15.Doesn’t she look like Shu Hua a little bit?

16.She doesn’t look anything like Yoona or Krystal…. But she’s pretty, I’m curious about her age, she looks so young

17.She has a different image in each photo , if you look at aech picture at first glance, you’ll think it’s not the same person…

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