IU, Joy and Lee Sung Kyung wearing the same Gucci outfit

Original post: Theqoo

1.Every single one of them looks pretty in a different way

2.In terms of body proportions, it looks pretty on Lee Sung Kyung and Joy’s got the perfect hairstyle, but IU wearing that suit gave it a totally different vibe, she looks like a vampire!

3.Woah, Lee Sung Kyung looks like she came out from Harry Potter

4.IU and Lee Sung Kyung wearing it look pretty in a different way

5.Woah, Lee Sung Kyung is seriously my type, it looks so pretty on her

6.I know that IU is short, but the suit fits her better than I thought it would. That outfit is so hard to pull off!

7.IU looks so prettyㅋㅋㅋ She has a Jang Man Wol vibe here

8.Lee Sung Kyung looks like a model in that suit

9.For the fit, it’s Lee Sung Kyung, but for the vibe, IU’s the most memorable

10.IU’s vibe in that picture is amazing

11.I personally think that IU looks the best here…

12.They’re all pretty, but Lee Sung Kyung is a model afterall

13.Oh, IU looks like a vampire and Lee Sung Kyung has a British student feelㅋㅋㅋㅋ Each one of them gave it a different vibe

14.Lee Sung Kyung looks the best out of them

15.IU looks like Jang Man Wol, the picture’s got a good atmosphereㅠㅜ

16.Why does IU look so charismatic here? Also, this outfit is more about the vibe rather than the physical

17.As expected from Lee Sung Kyung, she’s a model after all ㅋㅋㅋ

18.IU looks really cool!

19.Of course the fit fits Lee Sung Kyung the best since she’s is a model but IU’s picture has a great vibe, she really looks like a vampireㄷㄷ

20. They all look pretty

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