Son Yejin, The Untouchable Pretty Noona [2020 Baeksang Arts Awards]

Original post: Nate

[+619,-61]She’s truly so pretty

[+542,-84] Why is Son Yeji not included in Tae-Hye-Ji? Her acting, career and beauty is at the top!

[+365,-38]Son Yejin… She’s getting older, but still looks so pretty. Son Yejin’s innocence in classic movies was unrivaled…

[+33,-8]She’ll always be Classy

[+33,-12]Woah, she’s a Goddess!

[+28,-12]Woah, she’s still so pretty.

[+26,-9]Woah~~~Pretty… She seriously looks so pretty. I envy her

[+25,-5]She’s a great and trustworthy actress who works really hard in acting and other stuff

[+21,-5] She’s always pretty, but…. She looks even prettier when she’s acting…

[+12,-5]Her face is beautiful and her body is sexy

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