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Seoul sunset is nice

Original post: Theqoo

1.This the most handsome I’ve ever seen him!

2.He looks handsome and pretty at the same time and he looks so much younger

3.I’m so into him these daysㅋㅋ

4.Woah, he’s so cuteㄷㄷ Why does he look younger?

5.His smile is a real treasure!

6.Woah… So this is what it’s like to be harmless?

7.Your smile is so pretty. Also, you look so young.

8.He has a baby-like features

9.Why is he smiling like that? This is so heart flattering

10.Lovely, I feel good whenever I see Daniel smiling

11.I guess I’m the only one getting older

12.The combination of the sunset with his pretty smile is heartwarming

13.I feel this every time I see it, but the corners of his mouth are a treasure

14.Woah, Seoul is so beautiful. I thought he took this in another country.

15.He has a cute faceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

16.So cute! He looks like a puppy here

17.His smile is so pretty that my heart hurts

18.I’m just feeling relaxed by looking at this, it’s healing

19.How can your smile be so lovely?

20.Pretty, pretty! He has a smile that relieves my tiredness

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