97liners visit to Itaewon, Boombar is suing

★This is official from SBS’ side: Restaurant->Jack’s Bar (They only ate Pizza and left)-> Boombar (There was no performance, guests can’t dance, they just sat there, drank 4 drinks and left )★

Boombar: itwboombar@gmail.com
OP: Thank you so much for you answer

Thank you
Can I share your e-mail address with the fans?
Yes you can… It doesn’t matter because this is the corporate’s number and e-mail adress
Yes!Thank you and have a good day

A few days ago, some people spread rumors that Boombar was a club and were tying their best to damage their reputation, I was wondering if Booombar had any plans to sue haters for slander and defamation, so I sent them a message and I just got a reply from them. The screenshot above is my conversation with them.
Everyone please send a pdf file of those who were spreading false rumors, insults, defamation… to Boombar, this is their e-mail address: itwboombar@gmail.com

Boombar are going to sue slanderers for defaming their bar because of what happened with 97s

97s trajectory: Restaurant-> The Pizza Place(J-bar, which is classified as a restaurant, it was officially revealed that 97liners ate pizza there and left)-> B-bar, that is 7 minutes away, they went to have a drink after having a meal and a dessert. They could’ve gone to any place nearby if they really wanted to have fun. There was no reason for them to go to B-bar that required wearing a mask, also with no performance on that day. It’s nothing like a club, it was a quiet drinking atmosphere. People who go there said that it’s the cleanest bar in Itaewon!

★★ It’s been a long time since Boombar’s owner has changed, the club pictures that are circulating are old ★★
★★After the owner changed, they never promoted themselves as a club (they changed it into a bar)★★
★★Guests can’t dance + All the pictures that you saw are the back-up dancers performing or practicing for their performance★★
★★ There was no performance the day 97s went to begin with★★
★★No unwholesome conduct between guests★★
★★A small bar where people go to drink★★

The dance team got insulted and called all sort of names, their performance wasn’t even on 97s visit day. Let’s send them all the slandering comments and posts that were accusing Boombar of being an unhealthy club (which is not even a club in the first place)

A voice recording of a call with an employee: ” We’re definitely a bar, we never claimed to be a club”

“1.Is it bar on week-days and club on week-ends?
-> It’s not operating on weekdays, and they only operate as a bar on weekends
2.After the owner changed, it’s completely operating as a regular bar now
3.Smoking is prohibited because it is mandatory to wear a mask
4.Operating without room or stage”

Kakaotalk with a staff :

Just like the staff in the voice recording
#1 I was wondering if Boombar was really a bar?
#2 What’s the atmosphere like there and is smoking really prohibited?
#3 Has the owner changed in 2018/2019?
#4 Is it true that the “club” pictures that are currently circulating are old photos from before the owner changed?
#5 Is it mandatory to wear a mask if you wanna go there after Corona incident
#6 Is there any stage for dancing and are there any separate rooms?
#7 Is it true it is run as a bar on week-days and a club on weekends?

#1 As Boombar’s name says, it’s literally a bar!
#2 Smoking is not allowed, that’s right! If you smoke, you’ll be sent out
#3 That’s right! I’ve actually worked under both owners
#4 That’s right! people with discomforting outfits are not allowed in
#5 If you don’t wear a mask or refuse to take temperature measurement you won’t be able to enter our bar
#6 There’s definitely no separate rooms
#7 We’re always running as a bar

Also, the back-up dancers that were brought up to this incident and received all kinds of insults are asking you to take their pictures down, they can sue you ^^. Yah! They performed on another day it has nothing to do with 97s meeting day

Dancer: We practiced really hard for the show, finished the performance, and came out quickly. We’re upset we’re up there
Op: There are some rumors going around about (Cha Eunwoo) and other idols going to Boombar that day, they’re calling that place a club and as far as I know, they’re fabricating some screenshots to attack those idols. Can I share the content of this conversation with (Cha Eun Woo)’s gallery?
Dancer: Yes, I’m okay with it
And I only performed on the day of the show! It was midnight, which goes from 24th to 25th. When I performed, I don’t remember seeing Cha Eun Woo or any other celebrity

The dancers’ performance is unrelated to the 97s meeting day

Facts: (Note: Same as the previous post)

1. Reporters acted like they had some pictures when didn’t even know there was 4 idols at the beginning
2.Dispatch had 2 false reports in their article (objecting to self-isolation, the place they went to was a prohibited entertainment place)
3.They didn’t contact a confirmed person with the virus and got tested voluntarily seven days before, even though they were not a subject to mandatory inspection, and the idols didn’t have to isolate themselves because it wasn’t even recommended, so they proceeded with their schedules. But they wrote their own apologies and took the blame.

+) I’m adding this just in case someone mentions the text messages (that request getting a Covid-19 test):

4/25: 97s visit to Itaewon
5/6: Itaewon’s confirmed cases were announced
5/9-10: Itaewon visitors’ recommendation text messages were sent
5/11: Text messages were sent to Itaewon visitors that they’re not allowed to go out for two weeks starting the date of their visit

From April 25th to May 11th? When the text messages were sent , it’s already been more than two weeks! Also, there is no need for them to isolate themselves since the previous test results were negative!

Putting Itaewon 97s Facts in order:

  1. April 20th: Relaxing social distancing guidelines
    http://m.hankooki.corn/rn sp view.php?m=&WM=sp&WEB GSNO=6762123
  2. After the confirmed case of Itaewon in early May, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention said that the test was not mandatory if there were no symptoms
    http://m.dcinside.corn/board/ /58483
  3. the four members’ visit to Itaewon was in 25th April, a week before the 66th patient was confirmed, they didn’t even go to the infected areas, but the four of them still voluntarily tested and the results were negative
    http://m.dcinside.com/board/ /58359
  4. Since all four of them have negative test results, they don’t need to isolate themselves, and can go on with their daily lives normally.
    http://m.dcinside.com/board/ /58423
  5. From the evening of 25th to dawn of 26th April, they went to 3 places in Itaewon, the first round at a restaurant, the second and third rounds at bars.

By the way, SM and Fantagio are proceeding with lawsuits quietly, so everyone, gather up your PDF quietly!

Someone called SM and they said that they’re checking all the malicious comments and asked them to send everything over in PDF files to “protect@smtown.com”

Big Hit: protect@bighitcorp.com
Pledis: pledis_sns@naver.com
SM Entertainment: protect@smtwon.com
Fantagio: fantagiofanclub@hanmail.net
Boombar: itwboombar@gmail.com

Original post: Pann


[+413,-13]Woah! Serves them right!… This is gonna be cut off from Pann

[+331,-11]I’m gonna organize a PDF file before I get back to the clarification

[+126,-0]Honestly, looking at Pann, I really hope Boombar will sue everyone who was spreading false information about it being a dirty place, this whole thing hit their image really hardㅠㅠ people were going around accusing a regular bar of being promiscuous

[+117,-1]That’s great! Boombar lost a lot because of this incident, I think they’ll be suing people as fast as possible

[+110,-1]I see a lot of comments saying that it is not a big deal for them to sue f***ㅋㅋ Goodbye!

[+72,-0]Woahㅋㅋㅋ everyone who was going around saying that it’s a place where you just play dirty with girls must be freaking out right now!

[+64,-1]I’m truly done! How many days has it been now since they’ve been talking about this bar? Let’s be honest, they weren’t interested in social distancing in the first place, it seems to me like they were just agitated to run their mouths and curse at someone

[+54,-0]I just feel bad for the back-up dancers… It was a hip-hop performance

[+49,-0]Boombar is closed these days (because of Itaewon’s confirmed cases), so they must have so much time now to sue!

[+48,-0]F***! Jack’s bar and now Boombar! How many rumor will you keep coming up with? What kind of crime is that? it’s a complete obstruction of people’s business! If there’s a strange rumor going around, you know that hundred of fans won’t stay still and will ask about it? So what do you gain from this? Aren’t you afraid of the charges?

[+40,-0]Just earlier there was another post insisting that the bar is a club, go add it to the PDF file now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+37,-34]@@@@@@Upvote and downvote this please@@@@@@ Boombar’s operating policy; It’s totally a bar!

OP: “Boombar is not a dancing club.
Boombar is a bar where you drink while listening to music.
Violent gestures will be restrained by the staff
We’d appreciate it if you could refer to your position”

Is this a picture of Boombar?
Staff: Yes, that’s our logo
Op: So is that a notice from Boombar?
Staff: that is our logo
Also, that’s a notice from our store!
This is an LED sign at the entrance of our store

Boombar and 97 liners’ agencies are suing for rumors and malicious comments

Same post That was posted on Pann

Original post: Instiz

1.All the commenters that crossed the line should be sued!

2.Woah! This so refreshing to read!

3.I want them all to be sued without mercy!

4.Honestly, there were too many malicious comments and uncomfortable posts to see, it would be great if all of them get sued!

5.I’ve seen a lot of accusations and rumors going around, I really hope all of them pay for their crimes!

6.The club’s rumor spread like wildfire, it’s a shame that people around me still don’t know about the truth

7.Those who were excited about spreading false rumors won’t see this~~ Even if you show it to them, they rather act blind…

8.I’m so relieved. There were so many people who went overboard, all the haters must be sued

9.I want you to sue them all without mercy. Fighting!❤️ They kept saying that it was a club when it wasn’t, life is an actual battle!

10.Bighit Sm Fantagio Pledis, fighting!

11.I’m really upset…ㅠㅠ I feel sorry for them, their image was damagedㅠ I hope these facts spread and reach the public…

12.You didn’t think that you could get sued for crossing the line? Why? Who did you rely on? Hehe

13.It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this goodㅠ

14.Can people on Twitter be sued too, I have so many shocking screenshots

15.I was really angry every time I saw the comments on Instagram…. I really hope those who crossed the line with their comments will be sued…

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