Clearing Dispatch’s False Information About Itaewon 97liners

Itaewon idols? Did 97liners really go to a club? Facts and clearing fake reports:

The first time talk started about “Itaewon idols” was after a tweet of a witness account circulated and then articles written about them started coming out… Reporters referred to them as top idol A and B but didn’t know that they were a group of 4 because it was based purely on that witness account. The person who recently revealed their trajectory was from SBS, and since an SBS reporter published an article about Itaewon idols before, their recent report seemed reliable and made people think that they might know something more, but you shouldn’t forget that they didn’t mention 4 idols in their first article and just referred to them A and B which means that they didn’t have no pictures or whatsoever and their report just relied on witness accounts.

“A and B agencies can’t confirm whether they went to Itaewon or not”

This is the article that was written by the same SBS reporter on May 13th, but there is no mention of 4 idols!

May 18th is the day that Dispatch’s article was published.. They revealed the identity of “Itaewon Idols”, it was BTS Jungkook, ASTRO Cha Eun Woo, NCT Jaehyun, SEVENTEEN Mingyu. Dispatch explained that they didn’t follow their route and just confirmed by witnesses

<Store photos are not related to the locations >

So Dispatch were just relying on a witness account, they put small pictures on each location those idols visited without mentioning the names and just referring to it as A, B and C location and add at the bottom of the map “store photos are not related to the locations”, to avoid criticism if it turns out not to be a club. And of course, people won’t pay attention to that and will start speculating and guessing which club in that area they might have gone to.

M Club representative said “We never heard about celebrities coming to our club on that day from our part-timers. We’re protesting against Dispatch”. A source stated that “Rumors about the third location being a club is absolutely not true”.

In fact, clubs located in the area that was highlighted on the map complained and protested against Dispatch…

Dispatch article:”Jungkook, Cha Eun Woo, Jaehyun, Mingyu had a ‘Corona 19’ diagnostic test and results were all negative. However, considering the incubation period, you have to be careful for at least 2 weeks (that means up to May 10th)

Dispatch already knew the test results were negative, but why didn’t they publish an article on the day the four idols went to the clinic and had a ‘Corona 19’ diagnostic test and waited till now.

They said that considering the incubation period, the idols are criticized for not being careful for 2 weeks, but the actual Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says otherwise:

l Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Cheer up everyone!
From April 20th to May 5th,
Easing the intense social distancing

Dispatch’s first false report!

They should’ve been careful for at least two weeks?(isolate themselfs for 2 weeks)

Social distancing rules were relaxed from April 20th to May 5th, at that time, all restaurants and bars were able to operate, people weren’t banned from going there. The 97 liners went to Itaewon on April 25th, which means that they didn’t even violate the rules of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the first place, but some people are criticizing them for not isolating themselves for 2 weeks without even knowing the rules of the book

Look at the rules in the picture below!

First of all, they didn’t come into contact with a confirmed patient so they don’t need to keep a distance for 2 weeks. Also, a forced inspection and isolation was not recommended at all (active monitoring is required only for those who contacted confirmed patients)

But they’ve all been tested voluntarily just in case, it was their choice they were not forced to do it! There was nothing wrong with what they did in the first place, but they’re seen as scumbags, and people are like “they’re giving medical staff a hard time…” because of Dispatch’s report

Dispatch’s second false report!

Their second visit was an entertainment facility? Restraining orders?

Dipatch’s article: “In fact,regarding the entertainment facility where we heard that the ’97 liners’ gathering was, an order to ban that facility was issued. It is not easy to keep a distance in that kind of place due to the high density in the bars and clubs

It was reported that no restraining orders were issued regarding J-bar, which is classified as a restaurant. ( Also, B-bar that Dispatch referred to as C location in their article is not Boombar that SBS reporter mentioned. “There is no way they could’ve been to B-bar as it was closed for two months”, a representative from C location’s side said!)

According to a report, one of the two “bar” theses idols visited was “J-bar” that is famous for its New Year’s Day and cheap beer, “I visited that place, and that bar is classified as a restaurant for light meals”someone said, “Of course you can’t dance there, it’s not place where you can dance”

Now that we’ve identified two false reports from Dispatch’s article, let’s find out what netizens are wrong with,

No 1: Does Jack’s Bar sell pizza? Are fans just shielding them?

In fact, even the SBS reporter said that they ate pizza and left.. I’m not going to add anything more, because it’s already been explained that nothing was wrong with Jacks’ Bar.

No 2: Isn’t Boombar just a club?

Now, Boombar is claiming that no celebrities have visited in April, including 97liners, (Because it was closed for two months and reopened on April 24th) But all of this doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or false because it’s not a club!
This is a DM with the dancer whose picture is being circulated online and who’s suffering real damage even though the date her picture at the club was taken is unrelated to 97liners

Someone DMed the dancer (Source: Cha Eun Woo’s gallery):

Dancer: We really worked hard to prepare for the performance and finished the performance and came out quickly
Fan: Rumors spread that Cha Eun Woo and other celebrities went to Boombar the day you performed, and said that place was a club and took and fabricated some screenshots to bring those celebrities down. So, can I share the content of this DM in Cha Eun Woo’s Gallery?
Dancer: Yeah, it’s all right. I only went there on the day of our performance which was midnight, that goes from 24th to 25th and I really don’t remember seeing Cha Eun Woo or any other celebrity when I was performing


According to the report the 97 members meeting was in early morning of 25th-26th, while the date of the dancer’s performance was from 24th-25th. But haters are bringing up unrelated performers to this mess to bring 97liners down. You’re pulling professional dancers down and calling them prostitutes, you don’t care about pulling women down, this is the reality of people who are trying to make 97liners look like dirty people. That woman have nothing to do with this, and the pictures that are circulating of people at the back are the backup dancers who get up and dance, it has nothing to do with the guests, people without masks aren’t even allowed in, the only time you can take off your mask is when you perform.

Also, there are 2 other different performers who were anti-fans’ victims as they took pictures from their Instagram accounts and spread it on community sites. they’re all currently requesting people to delete their pictures and said that they haven’t seen Jaehyun, Cha Eun Woo, Jungkook or Mingyu that day. Do you really think antis are doing this for the public interest, taking off a hip-hop performers that has nothing to do with 97liners and calling them all sort of names?

Below is the DM of a female dancer who is currently complaing about an article that W**** wrote, and others who made provocative media coverage with their performances back in February. She basically explained that Boombar’s performers perform only in a party day. There was no party in early morning of 25th, the day that people speculate that 97liners met, and even in the reviews, it was said that everyone was drinking quietly

If you’ve ever been to Boombar, the table in front is pushed for the dance team to performe, and they briefly used that space as a stage so there was no place for guests to dance, even on days of with no performances, so stop spreading rumors of Boombar being a dance club!

(Note: you can check the DMs in the original link, I just summarized what was in because it was so long)

Boombar Official Call
1.Bar on weekdays and club only on weekends?
No operation on weekdays. Even on weekends, it’s bar-shaped.
2.a complete regular bar
3. Smoking is prohibited because it is mandatory to wear a mask.
4.Operating without room/stage

This is also an Instagram post of another female dancer who’s been affected by the party photos spreading

Because of this article, many people contacted me via DM, so I decided to write this post. Thank you very much! I’m the female dancer in this article. The picture in the article was taken from our performance back in February. The last performance was the night of 24th to 25th April, our performance team didn’t even see the celebrities you’re talking about. I won’t even care but things such ‘promiscuous acts’ were mentioned in this article, were abused in the article because our costumes seemed provocative for some people. The malicious articles are causing damage, our pictures and contact information of the performers are being spread in multiple sites

After all you read from this dancers and how pictures of the hip hop performers from unrelated dates are being spread by anti-fans, it’s time to think if people were doing this for the good of criticizing 97liners, or they just wanna drag them down somehow ? The number of employees, dancers, ordinary people that were affected by false reports that come from Dispatch and ended with anti-fans just keep going up

This is the reality of the 97liners bar visit, which brought photos of female dancers on an irrelevant date. The truth is that the bar had no dance performance on 97liners meeting day (and those hip-hop performances don’t matter either) But they’re getting blamed, and dancers are suffering from damage too.

The first two false reports were attached to Dispatch’s provocative article, which caused even more damage and got them even more hate, which made some of them post a self-written apology, and that made it blow up even more

Facts summary:

1. Reporters acted like they had some pictures when didn’t even know there was 4 idols at the beginning
2.Dispatch had 2 false reports in their article (objecting to self-isolation, the place they went to was a prohibited entertainment place)
3.They didn’t contact a confirmed person with the virus and got tested voluntarily seven days before, even though they were not a subject to mandatory inspection, and the idols didn’t have to isolate themselves because it wasn’t even recommended, so they proceeded with their schedules. But they wrote their own apologies and took the blame.

I’m not shielding them but they met when the intense social distancing rules were eased. I don’t know why people are treating them worse than criminals. And what about the dancers who didn’t even perform that day, and what wrong did they do to get their picture all over social media?

Original post: Pann


[+566-27]Let’s be honest, were facts really important to theses people? Media was excited that a usually well-received and praised idols were involved in something big so they kept reporting it, and men who always defend the male assailant in any case against women, didn’t care about facts and started hating and cursing on them right away because they hate handsome guys

[+408,-24]I think it’s embarrassing that people started acting like the biggest woman supporters as soon this news came outㅋㅋ but switched right when the dancers pictures circulated, they criticized them and judged their appearances ㅋㅋ They’re the same people that go on hating on female entertainers, but as soon as something like this break out they’ll be like “If a female celebrity did that…”

[+156,-155]@@@ Down-vote and Up-vote this please@@@ (Note: 4 replies get pinned in Pann posts, the first 3 are the ones with the most up-votes and the 4th one is the comment with the most down-votes, fans sometimes down-vote their own replies to block a hate comment from appearing in the first page) People in the pictures that are circulating right now are the dance team they said that guests can’t dance. Also, those pictures have nothing to do with 25th april, there was no performance the day 97liners went

[+122,-3]Why are they using female dancers to bring idol groups down? I know it wasn’t a good idea to meet at that time, but they went out when the social distancing rules were eased. Also, it’s so weird to see them getting cursed at when it wasn’t even a club

[+119,-1]They were treated like criminals… Of course you have the right to criticize them for not keeping a social distance since they’re celebrities, but it’s really crazy how much rumors were created to take them down and people believed that and jumped on the hating train… I really thought I was gonna have a mental disorder

[+93,-2]Isn’t it too much from them to link fake images in that map and mislead the general public just to bring those idols down? Dispatch is trash!

[+78,-3]Yah! Now that I’m looking at it,… I think what they went through was seriously too much

[+49,-5]If I was in BTS’ Jungkook place I’d be little scared to be honest… he got hate for getting tattoos… growing out his hair… his every step is analyzed and even him going out with his friends made it to the news. What wrong did he do if he was wearing his mask? He went out when the social distancing rules were eased, at that time going out to eat and buy something was encouraged to help the economy…

[+37,-0]ARMYs kept trending hashtags for Jungkook and tried to protect him because he’s so nice to us. Of course I don’t know what his personality is like in real life, but he seems to be trying his best to do anything the fans ask for and he doesn’t wanna disappoint their expectations, but I don’t know if he’ll ever break free from rumors that antis make up about him all the time

[+35,-0]The owner of the restaurant where they used to go before wrote on Instagram that they are the nicest and most polite idols he’s ever met. I’m going to cheer for them. I really hope they’ll get even bigger and be loved more and more in the future

[+35,-0]If I were Jungkook, I would’ve retired already, I just think celebrities have great mentality. They’re blaming him for getting tattoos and growing his hair, the car accident was his fault and he solved it smoothly but he’s been told he was a criminal even though it was a minor accident. This time again, he’s the first one to be named and articles about him filled the front page, they reported that he went out clubbing alone at the beginning. I know that the four of them must be going through a hard time right now, but the comments Jungkook has been getting are disgusting!”Kill yourself!
Leave BTS! Go enlist!” Seriously! Isn’t it too much?

[+33,-0]Bighit is the boss! They didn’t let him post a self-written apologyㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅈㅋ That was ridiculous ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+32,-0]I can see how ridiculous this scandal is just by thinking if the same group of idols ate and drank at the same bar but in Gangnam or any place other than Itaewon, it wouldn’t have been a problem. They’re just unlucky that it was Itaewon

[+32,-0]This is scary, it just shows you how easy it is to bury celebrities with false information. What wrong did those female dancers do?

[+31,-0]What are you gonna do with Eunwoo and Jungkook’s image? I feel really sorry for both of them, they got so much hate from the public, Jaehyun was cursed at by his own fandom too, I feel like Mingyu suffered the least damage. Anyways, I feel bad for everyone, and I just feel sorry for them

[+30,-0]But why did Dispatch post about this on May 18th….? They made it seem like those idols were irresponsible and went clubbing after corona exploded in Itaewon. And of course people didn’t pay attention to the details, they just read the title and didn’t care about when or where exactly they went to

[+28,-0]I honestly don’t care about anything, I’m just worried about Jeon Jungkook’s mental health. Let’s rewind and think about what happened with him since last year. He got cursed at for growing his hair, he got blamed for getting tattoos even though many idols out there have them. I won’t defend the car accident since it’s his fault that it happened because of his carelessness, but the way he got so much hate for it as if he killed someone or was drunk driving makes me sad. He was criticized for uploading an Overwatch video. Articles were written about him making fun of Han Yesul’s piercings when he just said that “It must hurt” but people told him to apologize. All types of rumors circulated about him after he was seen hugging his fellow friend and now they’re saying that he went to a promiscuous club? He was the first one to get his name out and make headlines and it spread everywhere, unrelated club photos were brought to that mess and spread on all community sites, and people believed it without checking facts. Also, some people started a petition to revoke Jungkook’s cultural merit medal, they told him to kill himself, leave BTS.. These are the reasons why Jungkook was criticized from September last year to May this year. Do you think this is normal? I don’t think he can be okay after all of this happened

[+25,-0]F***… I feel sorry for you. I’m rooting for you even though some people will swear at you every time you’ll be mentioned. If you make a group, I’ll support you, buy your goods, albums and stream your songs etc…

[+25,-0]It seems like a gathering of people who are eager to get rid of Jungkook in Korea. He got cursed at for long hair, tattoos and he got so much hate when he had a car accident even though it wasn’t drunk-driving or hit-and-run. This time again, he’s treated like a criminal. This is gonna be tough! I wish people knew how tender-hearted he is. Knowing his personality, I’m pretty sure he must’ve blamed himself and cried a lot. Please don’t pay attention to haters

[+25,-0]My bias is one of the 97liners , I didn’t have any other idols that I was interested in except for my bias, but after this happened, I felt so bad for all the members and it made me wanna support them all. If anyone of them wrote something I’ll go like it, if I saw any post praising them, I’ll press the recommendation button, I’ll cheer for them as I see them in each group… They’re all so popular, I bet they’ll be even bigger now

[+24,-0]I know the other kids are going through a hard time right now, but Jungkook’s situation is really bad. His name was the first one that was mentioned, and all kind of articles were written about him, they even wrote about a petition to the Blue House to pull Jungkook’s cultural merit medal. I really think 97liners’ agencies need to consult the members more often and pay so much attention to their mental health

[+23,-0]Let’s look for people who have a lot of subscribers on YouTube and send them this post. We should do as much as we canㅜㅜ What’s happening right now is unfair!

[+23,-0]Seriously, what’s wrong with Dispatch? What problem do they have with them? Why did they write such an article? That’s unfair

[+22,-1]Seriously, Jungkook please don’t get hurt!ㅠ We believe in you, no fan is mistaken, I feel like he’ll be really hurt by this nonsense, it breaks my heart when I think of him crying alone somewhereㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[+22,-0]Woah, so they didn’t break the Center for Disease Control and Prevention rules in the first place but they were treated like criminals. That’s unfair…

[+21,-0]Jungkook, I’ll never let go of your hand . I was actually taking a break from BTS and seriously thought about quitting the fandom, but after those articles kept coming up, I suddenly felt like my love for Jungkook grow even biggerㅎㅎ He’s always been my bias, it’s been 4 years now. If you watched him just a little you’ll know that he’s always been sincere to his fans and he’s the best at doing his job. I felt so bad when I saw him getting blamed for something weird everywhere on social media, it’s sad that people who don’t know anything about him are judging his personality… I’m going to keep liking him even more from now on.

10 thoughts on “Clearing Dispatch’s False Information About Itaewon 97liners

  1. I’m really grateful to you for writing this article.I’ve been crying while reading it. Me as an ARMY along with others were doing our best to clear it…we knew it wasn’t true. We have reporting accounts dedicated to BTS’s members, we are always reporting people who keep spreading rumours and use hate speech towards the members. That day when i woke up and the twitter was in full chaos….when i saw dispatch’s article i couldn’t hold my tears back. Even though it wasn’t me who was targeted I felt so hurt because i know that, that particular news is going to hurt someone whom I just want to be always happy…it still hurts whenever i think that he must be silently crying all by himself because he doesn’t want anyone to feel troubled because of him. He has a heart of Gold with Diamonds embedded in it, he is the sweetest and the precious one….he is a grown up man with an innocent soul….he never wants anything bad for anyone then why is it that he is always blamed,always targeted for the smallest thing he does??!! Antis have been making up things about everything he does, they are so jealous of him and at this point i wouldn’t be amused if they start saying that he should have breathed the air coming from west and not east dumb f**** (they made me swear so much).
    Koo I just want you to know that ARMY trusts you and will stay by your side forever….Please lean on us we will protect you!!
    Koo please take care of yourself and never feel sorry for anything that you know you didn’t do wrong!!
    BTS taught me to believe in myself, to love my self and I hope BTS will also believe in themselves and love themselves while loving each other.
    “When the World is against BTS, BTS’ARMY stands against the World”
    Our 7 angels are all precious and no matter what happens we will protect you!!
    The true one’s will love and treasure you irrespective of any imperfections just the fake one’s will keep blabbering.
    BTS need to know one thing that sometimes you might see posts here and there using hate speech….people who hate you are in hundreds but the one’s who love you and look up at you as their happiness are in please ignore those hundreds for the millions pure hearts💜.

    I’m really thankful to BigHit for always taking care of BTS ya I know it’s your responsibility but BigHit is a company like no other who puts the artist as their first priority.
    BigHit and Bang pd-nim really Thank You for everything you do. Please always keep them safe!!

    BigHit you now have all the reasons….sue dispatch and along with dispatch sue all the other ones who always keep meddling with idols life. Yes, they are idols but they are humans first so just let them breathe properly!!! Let idols live their life just like everybody else and BTS you have all support from ARMY while doing this!!
    The other news channel who posted about the article dispatch posted are allkpop,soompi,koreaboo and there’ll be more but these three needs to go from twitter. Just because dispatch posted that article they decided to follow them and post the article without any research. News reporting accounts must do proper research before doing posting articles,they don’t deserve the blue check mark. Please BigHit you are our only hope in doing this and the artists can also maybe a little live freely.

    And I’m really really really grateful for this article. Thank you so so much!!🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

    Our googie please smile for us 😄😁
    Always remember that we love you!!💜

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I couldn’t stop my tears while reading this whole paragraph.I am so thankful that people like you exist.I was in the same condition like you ,seeing haters posts didn’t hurt me that much as much as some armies from our fandom spread hate too.They are not army but they claimed themselves as one.
      Jungkook doesn’t deserve this,the idol who always helped others by forgetting his status as celebrity.
      Dispatch and haters must be sued and also people who claimed themselves as ‘army’,so ashamed of you being an army they don’t know our members well and started to judge.💔
      But true armies will always protect BTS💓
      We can fight with the world just to stand with bTS💓

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for translating this. Dispatch has a lot to answer for, what a bizarre smear campaign. I don’t know how else to describe it. Aren’t they usually very accurate with their information?


  3. I hope you will read this, Jeon Jungkook of BTS, Cha Eun WOo of Astro, Mingyu of SVT, and Jaeyhun of NCT. I understand what you feel. But please, don’t let the emotions kills you. You’re a human and it’s in the nature to be hurt. Don’t worry Jk, Eun Woo, Mingyu and Jaeyhun, this is only part of your growth. Give some time to heal yourself. Do not even revenge. Guard your thoughts. Do not aloof yourself with your loved ones who is concern about you. Do not ever think that you are alone. God bless you.

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  4. Frankly speaking ‘The korean medias are curpted, disgusting and unprofessional and some nitizen as well’ who just love to hate others till their death that’s why idoles choose to end their life instead of live because of these kind of curpted system and people. Such a shame

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  5. I knew this since very before.I never believed those rumours.I am an army and I saw many posts,tweets against Jungkook even from our own fandom but I remained silent waiting for the right time.I feel so sorry for Jungkook,Eunwoo,Mingyu and Jaehyun but please don’t feel sorry for what you did nothing wrong.
    Dispatch wants our idols to end their lives.
    These few days killed me cuz I’ve believed Jungkook but no justice.People tend to judge without knowing their personalities.Jungkook’s name was everywhere,it’s still there and we want everything to clear up.
    Bighit apologized cuz they felt that its better if they just apologize and blame themselves.
    So ashamed of people telling him to leave BTS,kill himself.
    It hurts to see Jungkook’s hateful hashtags all over but who cares? Only fans and families but antis will just enjoy even if they kill the idols.
    They are humans too! SPREAD LOVE❤ and don’t forget words can kill people too.

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