The World of The Married Final Episode

Original post: Nate

[+738,-97]Lee Tae Oh was selfish, hopeless and pathetic until the end… Ji Sun Woo was frustrating and stubborn until the end… Jun Young was the most pitiful character and the victim who got hurt the most until the end

[+700,-27]Everyone’s asking how Sun Woo is able to live without Jun Young, but looking at her mail, I think she knows where her son is, she’s most likely sponsoring the Runaway Children Counseling Center, I think she’s been waiting for him to come back whenever he’s ready

[+77,-0]What I got from this drama is… You should have a solid job unless you’re son of a rich family. Look at how Lee Tae Oh is miserable… You’d live a solitudinous life even if you got married. You have to mature and be independent so you could live alone no matter what happens.

[+70,-1]The drama was good from the beginning till the end. Some people said that the ending was a bit loose, but I thought it was good to focus on Sun Woo and her family in the last episode, eliminating almost all conflicts among the surrounding characters such as Yeo Da Kyung or Kim Yoon Ki

[+69,-0]Just like the title says, it’s the world of the married. Marriage is not easy!

[+67,-0]The Chairman’s only daughter Yeo Da-kyung ends up living well without any damage, that’s the most realistic thing that happened in the last episode. If your family was rich in real life, you can fail several times and get up any time you want.

[+39,-0]It was a very happy ending, not dramatic, and it’s too likely to happen in real life. It’s true that if you have enough money, you’ll be able to survive a normal life without a blow, even if you commit an affair.

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