Who are the celebrities who graduated from SOPA (Seoul Performing Arts High School)

I’m suddenly curious about it

++Woah …There are so many! I was watching Mark’s video and I suddenly got curious, I didn’t know there were that many idols who graduated from SOPA, Jungkook, Sehun, Chanhee, Joy etc… Thank you for your replies guys

Original post: Pann






[+123,-0]No one posted about Suzy and Sulli

[+118,-14]EXO’s Kai and Sehun who graduated in 2012, 2013…


[+103,-15]NCT’s Taeyong, Jaehyun, Mark, Haechan, Jeno and Jaemin

[+99,-9]Park Jihoon


[+72,-12]Park Sooyeong

[+65,-5]Seventeen Dokyeom


[+63,-5]Our Chanie

[+61,-5]NU’EST Minhyun

[+56,-9]Dokyeom, Yuju, Jiho and Cheng Xiao

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