Park Bo Gum who was a hot topic at his college graduation ceremony

Let’s start with his graduation photos first, it was legendary!

Fansite masters did a good job, but I somehow prefer pictures that were taken by muggles, he looked more handsome

When he went live right after the graduation ceremony

Tmi : He graduated at the top of the department

Original post: Theqoo

1.Seriously! I wonder what he would’ve done with a face like that if he didn’t become a celebrity?…He’s so handsome!

2.This is too much! How can he have such a pretty face? Is it possible for someone to be this good-looking? It’s truly a wonder…. He’s so handsome+ that hair-style is perfect for him

3.Graduating at the top of the department is insane… Park Bogum’s seriously the best, he’s so elegant and he didn’t miss his attendance, that’s awesome!

4.A top student with that face! That’s too much!

5.Woah, even for a man it’s healing to see his face

6.About that last live GIF you posted , a fan asked him why he didn’t sing at the graduation ceremony, then Park Bo Gum was a bit dumbfounded and he was like “why would I sing it at the graduation ceremony?”ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7.Top of his department…? I’m getting hit with reality

8.Woah! This is driving me crazy… He’s so handsome to the point that it’s making me wanna cry

9.Park Bo Gum is known for his hard work and being a model student at school. He’s really good looking in the graduation photos by the way

10.Bogum-ah… You’re the best looking guy I’ve ever seen. Did you have to have it all?

11.Top of the department? That’s crazy…. What the hell doesn’t he have? That’s unfair!

12. I thought it was a Cf…

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