The world of the Married 11th episode

Original post: Nate

[+2,554,-34]Let’s break this down: The chairman is the worst character
Lee Tae Oh is showing us what an absolute loser he is
Ji Sun Woo is not as smart as I thought she is
Min Hyeon Seo ended up thinking about herself first
I can’t tell what Dr. Kim is up to, his character is mysterious…
Today’s highlight was Dr. Seol drunkenness

[+1,919,-35]Lee Moo Saeng continues with his poker face, his character is so hard to read. Ji Sun Woo protecting Lee Tae Oh made so frustrated, I thought she’d blow us away in this episode but turned out I was wrong. Today’s winner was Seol Myung Sook

[+1,649,-37]I was frustrated the whole time. Seol Myung Sook was the only winner in today’s episode ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+277,-14]Inkyu’s death is most likely just a suicide, they’re dragging it for a psychological warfare. It’s frustrating how Kim Hee Ae character’s is not the same as it was in early episodes, she’s starting to lose her charm. I’m afraid they’ll ruin the drama, “too many boatmen drive the boat to the mountain”…

[+210,-6]Seol Myung Sook has been cursed so much that the writer had to change her character a little bit…

[+201,-3]When the hell is Ji Sun Woo getting revenge? When will we get to see it??? Will she ever get that revenge?

[+186,-26]The reason why this drama is interesting to watch is because all the main character aren’t good, everyone has a bad side. I’m glad there are a lot of twists, I’m just having so much fun, nothing is predictable in this drama. I can’t watch any other show, do main characters have to be always nice?

[+177,-6]It’s a suicide!
Yeo Byung Gyu knows that it’s suicide, he’s just waiting to see how Lee Tae Oh and Ji Sun Woo will react

[+167,-5]Viewers were waiting to see Ji Sun Woo’s cool revenge, but I felt disappointed seeing her trying to protect Lee Tae Oh as he’s her child’s father in today’s episode. Ji Sun Woo’s the only one who’ll lose at the end. Instead of getting her revenge, she couldn’t do anything but believe her ex-husband’s words. This episode’s was just sad for everyone!

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