An agency whose actors have a distinctive face type

JYP is famous for Rain, 2PM Lee Jun-ho, Wonder Girls Sohee ..

They have artist who are known for their foxy eyes too such as GOT7 JB, DAY6 Young K, ITZY YEJI

But their actors have the same type of face

Actor Yoon Park

GOT7’s Idol/Actor Jin Young

Actor Kang Hoon

Actress Shin Ye Eun

Actress Jang Hee Ryung

Actress Shin Eun Soo

Idol/Actress Suzy

It seems like the JYP’s prefers a “Bunny face” with dark eyebrows and big eyes

Original post: Instiz

1.I used to really like Jang Hee-ryung so much. She’s not in JYP anymore

2.I don’t know about female actresses, but I think that the male actors do really have the same type of face

3.I think Eun Soo has the same vibe as ITZY’s LIA

4.Yoon Park and GOT7’s Jin Young really look alike…

5.Woah… That’s right! They all have a similar vibe…

6.Is Yoon Park’s first name Yoon or Park? JYP’s Park Gyu-Young is a good actress and attractive too

7.Both female and male actors have kind of innocent and big eyes!!

8.ITZ’s Yuna would fit in here too, she has a similar vibe…

9.I think JYP likes to go for a clean and gentle image, kind of an innocent face…? But I was so surprised when I saw his face at the begining of the postㅋㅋ

10.They’re all my styleㅠㅠㅠ

11.They have an innocent vibe..

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