About Jungkook’s singing skills..

If you’re not interested in Jungkook’s singing just go back

I’m writing this post because I’ve seen many comments lately underestimating his singing skills and it made me so frustrated

1.King of Masked Singer
Although he was eliminated after going against “the king” in the second round, he got a lot of praise from the judges.

“He makes you feel like you’re trapped in fog, I call it a misty voice! his voice sounds so mysterious”
“He has a very special voice with the element that can send us on a trip down memory lane”
“He sings well and his breathing lasts long”
“He sings in a nonchalant way… But his voice touches people’s hearts deeply”

“If he is an idol singer… it’ll be a big deal”
“He’s good at singing lower, middle and higher notes”
“His voice sounds as sweet as ripe fruits in season, but at the same time, it sounds as fresh as an unripe apple”
“His voice sounds experienced and fresh at the same time”

“He sings a song with bold melodies… By splitting every note”
“He sounded like a shy boy who doesn’t want to take center stage… It was like he confessed his love whispering from the back”
“I didn’t know a man’s breathing could express sorrows
“His voice sounded like the shivering little boy, he’s got the sorrowful feeling”

2.A music critics and a composer

“My time was originally one key lower than what we heard, but jungkook’s vocals were so good that they raised it!”

“Jungkook knows how to create his own sense of space by mixing a delicate breathing and vibrations. When singing Big Bang’s “IF YOU” or covering foreign songs, he sings in his own way and the flow of his tone is a story. Whether he’s singing BTS’ songs or other people’s songs, Jungkook plays with his own voice without any exaggeration. He is a special vocalist who creates his own definition of “good singing”

“Jungkook has a great sense of moderation. I’d like to highly appreciate his vocal technique, on top of his neat and purely clear natural voice that exists somewhere between a man and a young boy, his chest voice is sometimes contrasted with his smooth head voice that connects to a legato vocal technique”

3. Vocal coach

“OMG! he’s one of my favorite voices”
“If you try to sing this way, you’ll find out that his style of singing is very difficult to copy, I wanna try to give you a demonstration but I would just embarrass myself”
“Take a look at this, even when he’s going to the upper part of his voice you can see how relaxed he is, he has no issues singing this”

“That was a really nice falsetto there, he’s not forcing it, just letting it go as light as possible”
“so there, he’s using a very chilled almost a mumbled type of tone, he’s not projecting, not really going into a heavy mix, he’s started off really light and finally found that kind of balance in that very light place in his voice”
“really nice intro, very released falsetto, that sounded really beautiful”

4. Singing videos

<A stable voice while singing live>

On (MR Removed)

A good Live-singing (His voice is not shaking at all even when he’s running around)


Airplane pt2 ( no music but he’s singing the correct notes)

(See you again, Eat…)


Ending Scene


Only Then

You’ll find more covers on BTS’ official account on an app called Sound Cloud!

Despite his outstanding vocal skills, he still thinks that he’s lacking a lot. He’s growing steadily and always trying to find ways to improve!

Jungkook-ah, I’m so sorry that you’re being underestimated just because you have a different singing styleㅠㅠ You’re a much more talented singer than what people think and your singing skills deserve so much more attention than this

Original post: Pann


[+349,-13]I listen to a lot of songs on Sound Cloud, and I heard 2U by chance, I remember I was so surprised by how good of a singer he is…

[+339,-11]I listen to all kinds of songs and I heard Jungkook’s covers that popped up in my recommendations, he is really good at singing!

[+322,-10]Let’s make this the best reply^^^I like Jungkook’s vocals♡

[+102,-1]Jungkook has a good stamina, he eats well and exercises a lot, so you won’t catch his voice shaking even when he’s dancing intensely

[+87,-1]Jungkook is a really good singer but I feel bad that he’s being underestimated..

[+79,-1]I don’t think there are many singers who are able to cover Jungkook’s “My Time” perfectly… It’s such a good song to listen toㅜㅜ

[+69,-1]I think his vocals are being underestimated because he’s not singing in a Korean style, he sounds more like a western singer… People in our country are obsessed with high notes..

[+59,-1]Jungkook can’t show his best in the group’s songs this why they think he’s a little weaker than other group’s main vocalists. People should give his covers of ballads a try, he sings really well, I feel so relaxed when I listen to his ballads

[+54,-1]Those of you who saw the BANG BANG Concert will know that the 17-year-old maknae had to be the main vocalist, sub-rapper, be the groups’ center and do all those dance moves while singing perfectly at a young age. Big Hit has been betting on Jungkook for BTS’ future from the very beginning.

[+46,-1]I’m a fan of another group and I admit that Jungkook’s very good at singing. I know there are a lot of people out there who sing as good as him, but it’s uncommon to find someone with great singing skills who has a great sense of rhythm and multi-talented as him. If you have an idol who can sing dance-oriented songs and trendy songs like Jungkook does then you’re blessed

[+43,-1]Jungkook’s “who are you” adlib in the second verse of “Who” is soulful, even Lauv praised it

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