If Jun Jihyun was in a girl-group, she’d be the center

“If I was a girl group member, I think I’d be the center”

This is Jun Jihyun in her late teens and early 20s, this would be aroud her debut

Original post: Instiz

1.Unnie, you’re Korea’s center…

2.She’s right!

3.You’re good at self-observationㅠㅠIf you refuse the center position, you may be buried in Korea

4.Of course! The center is what suits a Goddess like you

5.That’s the right answer! Your self-observation is very good

6.In that interview, Jun Jihyun said she thought she’d be the group’s center because she’s tallㅋㅋ

7.Wherever you’re standing, that’s the Earth’s center

8.Of course. If you don’t… Who’s gonna do it?

9.What are you talking about? You’re the world’s center, the whole universe is crazy about you

10.She would stands out so much in a group that she’d have to go solo..

11.Honestly, how can anyone not let Jun Jihyun take the center?

12.Of course! she would be K-Pop’s center….

13.How can she not be the centerㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠShe has a charming personality and such a pretty face..

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