Idol who covered ‘Dear Name’ on his birthday

Seungsik, a member of VICTON, whose birthday was April 16th, wanted to share his emotions with people through this cover

(Note: This song is rumored to be IU’s tribute to the victims of Sewol ferry tragedy, that happened on April 16th, because of its lyrics)

Original post: Instiz

1.That’s so cool of him… My heart hurts againㅠㅠ

2.I won’t forget🎗
I’ve Never Forgotten You, Even When the Blossoms Fall

3.Happy birthday! And I’m so glad I’m your fan

4.My heart aches a lot. I recommend listening to the song if you have time. This cover made me cry so much as I knew what today is and what meaning the song had… I’m also thankful to my bias for not forgetting and singing this song with sincerity.

5.This makes me feel so proud of him. I won’t forget🎗

6.Thank you for sharing this on your birthday
I’ll never forget🎗

7.Seungsik, thank you for being my singer. Also, I won’t forget🎗

8.He’s such a warm person.
I won’t forget🎗

9.Seungsik, happy birthday! I love you so much and I’m so proud that you’re my bias

10.Seungsik-ah, this was a great consolation, thank you for sharing this cover!

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