As expected from Jennie

Her vibe is …Woah!

Original post: Instiz

1.What kind of pictorial is this?

2.This Jennie X GentleMonster collab is crazyㅜㅜ Kim Jennie’s really amazing!

3.Woah that’s dope! I love all her GenMon pictures

4.Please make a comeback, please….I love you so much

5.Another legendary photo-shoot of Kim Jennie, amazing!ㅠㅠㅠ

6.Woah, this is awesome…Was these taken by a foreign photographer…?!

8.Jennie’s different, she has something unique about her

9.She kinda looks like a model in these pictures

10.I wonder what would it feel like to live with Jennie’s face?…….she’s unbelievably pretty

11.Woah this is the best photo-shoot ever, especially the 4th picture..

12.Did she do her eyebrows differently??? It feels different to me, but she looks so cool….

13.She really has a unique vibe and she’s so charming…Woah..

14.Woah she looks like a real model. Daebak!

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