When Jungkook talked prettily about people who left the fandom

It’s so nice of him to thank even those who left the fandom for taking care of BTS, he even said that fans can leave anytime they want to. This is such a pretty thing to say

Jungkook:”I’ll always be here. ARMY can come anytime they want to and can also leave us whenever they want to or have to. But please remember this: I’m always here”

Original post: Pann


[+429,-8]Jungkook-ah…Where would I go without you?…

[+358,-7]I’m not leaving! I won’t leave! Where would I go if you were this prettyㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[+272,-7]Last year, I was going through a hard time in my personal life, so I had to leave BTS. Jungkook…thank you… I’ll be right back.

[+127,-2]Jungkook’s personality is the best but he’ll always be better to ARMY. He’s such a warm person who just wants his fans to be happy

[+116,-1]If you were a Jungkook fan, you would know how much he loves usㅠㅠ…..Antis need to leave him alone and stop hating on him if they don’t know anything about his personality

“To ARMY. Summer has passed and the cold winter has come. I’m writing this letter from Finland. I’ve became more emotional now that winter has come and I’ve been thinking a lot of different thoughts as I looked at the sky by myself. Of course I think about ARMYs the most. Do you all think a lot about me too? Every time I think about you guys I am filled with precious memories. So I hope that when you think of me you’ll be filled with precious memories too! I’ll continue to do my best!”

[+59,-2]He’s such a lovely personㅠㅠ

[+46,-2]I’ll always say hi, I’ll never say bye to you

[+46,-2]Let’s just be happy, our big baby♡

[+45,-1]It’s fascinating that he’s always trying to do better even though he’s very good

[+43,-2]Jungkook’s birth flower is the “Tiger Flower” which, in the Flower’s language, means “Please love me”. He got it tattooed on his arm, I hope he’ll always remember the love of his fans whenever he looked at it.

[+42,-2]Thank you for always being sincere to ARMY… and sorryㅠㅠ I purple you

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