Are idols’ Sasaeng insane?

Taeyong was shocked…That bodyguard was so quick to deal with her. Saseangs, what’s wrong with you guys?

Original post: Pann


[+61,-0]All I can see is that bodyguard is f***ing amazing

[+50,-0]Woah that bodyguard is so cool ㅋㅋ I don’t think that’s a job that anyone can do

[+39,-0]This one too, Sasaengs are completely crazy

[+33,-0]What would you have done if you got hurt…?

[+14,-2]Look how surprised my babies areㅡㅡF***

[+11,-0]We really have to get rid of Sasaengs;;; even at the pre-voting, I saw Sasaeng-fansites all lined up in front of the station waiting to take pictures of their faves

[+10,-0]What is she rushing for?

[+9,-0]What’s wrong with her….?

[+9,-0]This is driving me crazy! That was a very dangerous situation.

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