WINNER Lee Seunghoon will enlist in the military on April 16th

Lee Seunghoon wrote on WINNER’s official fan-cafe on April 12th that he’s going to enlist at Nonsan army training center on April 16th

Following Jinwoo, Lee Seung-hoon said, “I’m sorry that i didn’t inform you earlier, i hope you can understand me, I’ll try my best to stay healthy and come back safely”

Born in 1992, Seughoon is 29 years’ old this year. He is WINNER’s second member to enlist in the military after his hyung Kim Jinwoo, who was admitted on April 2nd

Lee Seughoon made his debut as a member of WINNER in 2014 after making his name widely known to the public with his appearance on SBS’ “K-pop Star” Along with Kang Seungyoon, Kim Jinwoo and Song Minho, they’ve been loved by music fans in korea and internationally by making hits such as “REALLY REALLY” “LOVE ME LOVE ME” “EVERYDAY” “Millions” and “AH YEAH”etc…

Winner released their third full-length album “Remember” on April 9th, topping korean and international music charts. This album is WINNER’s first full-length album in two years since “EVERYD4Y” that was released in 2018.

Original post: Nate

[+300,-55]Seunghoon, stay safe. We’ll be waiting for you!

[+273,-53]Take care out there

[+246,-54]Take care….I heard you had back problems, please be careful with the training…

[+68,-3]Whenever you think of me, just say my name

[+67,-3]I didn’t know you’d go right after Kim Jinwoo. I feel like they’ve tried their best till the end and worked really hard for the last album. Seunghoon, Stay safe

[+63,-3] Seunghoon take care of yourself .I believe you’ll do well out there but please take care of your back

[+61,-2] Goodbye and take care of yourself!

[+59,-3]Take care and come back safelyㅠㅠ

[+56,-4]Seunghoon, take care out there! Thank you so much

[+54,-3]What?…….Lee Seughoon..ㅜㅠㅜ

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