The best selling Girlgroup album on Gaon history has changed

IZ*ONE broke Hanteo’s record too last month

Original post: Instiz

1.Woah, is IZ*ONE for real?

2.I can’t believe that a girlgroup’s album can sell this much these days

3.Woah TWICE and Girls’ Generation are awesome too!

4.TWICE are killing it. Look at SNSD’s 2011 album up there… Legendary!

5.Woah girl group sales have been on a rise….Other girl group fans raised a lot of money for their comeback this time

6.IZ*ONE being #1 is amazing! The ranking filled with TWICE albums is impressive and an album from 2011……..Girls’ Generation are amazing! I hope the three groups will do even better in the future!!!

7.Woah IZ*ONE really sold a lot of albums!

8.Woah all three of them are impressive. It’s amazing how TWICE can sell that much with each one of their albums, SNSD’s album sales being that big in 2011 is mindblowing! It’s amazing that IZ*ONE grew this big even when TWICE have been promoting so much

9.SNSD??? I thought I misread the release date at first…. Legends indeed

10.Woah look at TWICE albums filling the TOP10!

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