Park Bogum X Park Sodam confirmed for Record of Youth …For the second half of this year

On April 9, it was reported that Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and Byun Woo Seok had begun filming their upcoming drama.

Back in January, tvN confirmed that the three actors had been cast in “Record of Youth” (literal title), a drama about young people in the modeling industry. It is directed by Ahn Gil Ho (“Forest of Secrets,” “Memories of the Alhambra,” “Watcher“) and written by Ha Myung Hee (“Doctors,” “High Society,” “Degree of Love“).

The April 9 report includes more details about the drama and its cast of characters. “Record of Youth” is being described as a story about the youth of this generation, who live in a world in which the “spoon” you’re born with determines your life path and dreams are a luxury not everyone can afford. Nonetheless, their youthful passion leads them to push forward with their dreams.

Park Bo Gum will be playing the character Sa Hye Joon, a realistic youth whose dream is to become a model and an actor. He has a bright and warm personality but also knows how to look at the world objectively. This is the actor’s first drama since “Encounter” last year.

Park So Dam will be playing the character Ahn Jung Ha, whose dream is to become a makeup artist. She is a sensible, hardworking character who is good at judging her own abilities. She is not easily shaken by what happens around her and walks steadily on her own path. Her goal is to abandon her inner insecurities and find stability with her own two feet. This will be the actress’s first drama in four years after “Cinderella and Four Knights.”

Byun Woo Seok will be playing the character Won Hae Hyo, a model and actor who is Sa Hye Joon’s best friend. He is a youth who wants to be acknowledged for his hard work rather than what he was born with. He is kind and gentlemanlike, but he also has a fiercely competitive streak. He works as hard as he can when he is working on something he loves, so he hates it when people say that he got an advantage because he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He believes that he got to where he was after a fair and equal competition with his friend Sa Hye Joon. The actor appeared in three dramas in 2019: “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency,” “Search: WWW,” and “Welcome to Waikiki S2.”

“Record of Youth” will air sometime in the second half of 2020.Cr

Otiginal post: Nate

[+296,-40]Oh Park Bogum’s youth, sounds good

[+247,-37]Oh! I’m looking forward to this^^

[+227,-37]Ha ha I’m excited to see Park Bogum’s character

[+80,-8]His character’s name “Sa Hye Joon” is prettyㅋㅋPark Bogum, I’m looking forward to your youth

[+79,-6]’m super excited for this drama because I liked Park Bogum in Encounter

[+78,-9]Woah, I missed Bogum on TV. I hope it’ll be a big hit

[+77,-8]I’ve been binge-watching Encouter these days. I didn’t know anything about this drama coming out

[+75,-7]Daebak! We’re finally seeing Park Bogumㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I love how Record of Youth feels just from the description

[+72,-8]I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve been waiting for Park Bogum’s Record of youth for so long. I can tell that the drama’s gonna be so fun to watch just by looking at what’s been revealed

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