ITZY Yuna’s real life picture

Original post: Instiz


2.Her features are sharp………She looks like the lead in a high-teen movie

3.Her face is Jjang! She’s extremely pretty!

4.Woah! OMG! She’s a real-life doll. He vibe is colder than what I expected, I thought it would be warm.

5.Unnie I love you so much…


7.Woah ….She can’t be real!

8.Chaeryeong in the back looks amazing too…

9.There is no space in her face, it’s so full with her features….She’s very beautiful!

10.Woah she’s a Barbie doll indeed

11.Real life picture,,,? Does she have a cold vibe in real life? She look so pretty here!

12.Woah Looks like CG

13.Woah but Chaeryeong in the back looks so pretty…

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