Take a look at other people’s fan-zones and get inspired

I’m posting this because it’s pretty

Original post: Instiz


2.The Youtuber “Serim’s life”s fan-zone is the best I’ve ever seen

3.That’s amazing! I think I should be diligent too;;

4.No but do they hang a door lock on their room’s door? Or else they must be an only child….I’ll never be able to do something like this until I become independent….. I can’t trust my siblings, my parents neither. I bet they’ll break my fan-zone the moment we get in a fight..

5.I envy them…

6.Woah that’s amazing… They’ll have to take care of it every day so that it can look cleaned up like that.

7.Woah I want everything..

8.Woah….Even though I have a lot of goods, my room is not that prettyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI’ll have to redecorate it now

9.I really think decorating like that is a skill too…

10.I love decorating but…I don’t have the confidence to manage all those things, so I just kept the goods in the drawer…

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