TXT Beomgyu and Yeonjun did a Vlive just now

They’re so handsome

Original post: Pann


[+95,-0] I remember Yeonjun looking great with blue hair. They’re so good-looking

[+69,-0]Heol! Yeonjun’s brown hair is so pretty, doesn’t it look more natural than blue hair? He makes my heart flutter actually

[+32,-0] I know that Beomgyu’s so handsome but why is Yeonjun making my heart flutter?ᅮ


[+16,-0]Woah I’m in denial of becoming a fan, I’m so impressed by how hansdsome Choi Yeonjoon looks

[+14,-0]Guys…Isn’t Beomgyu really handsome? I’m just a person who watches a lot of idol videos, and I think that Boemgyu is really handsome and has a boyish charm, but he wasn’t mentioned that much here…

[+10,-0]I think I know what kind of looks Big Hit prefers;; they’re so handsome!!

[+10,-0]I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about TXT on Pann lately, they’ll hit it big on their next comeback in my opinion

[+10,-0]Both of them are so handsome

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