Lotte World will not let people in if they’re not wearing a mask starting from the 8th

It was reported that if you don’t wear a mask you won’t be allowed to enter.

Lotte World stated that they won’t let people not wearing masks in starting from Thursday. This procedure was carried out to prevent Coronavirus spread.

Original post: Instiz

1.Please just shut it down temporarilyㅠㅡㅠ

2.Woah! Unbelievable! So you’re telling us that people not wearing masks were allowed to enter before??

3.What if someone comes in and take it off inside?

4.You just have to shut it down, can’t you?……

5.And then what?? Some people are still gonna come in and take off their masks inside

6.Since all the tickets are bought on the app these days, I think it would be a idea good to give a warning on the app for those who were seen not wearing masks inside. Once they receive the 3rd warning, they should leave immediately. Well, it doesn’t look like Lotte World is going to close down, so I think they need find solutions and make something like this….

7.Are you that crazy about money?….

8.But they don’t have to use it once they go in right?ㅋㅋI normally take off my mask when I wanna take pictures because it’s stuffy. I bet that’s what people are gonna do

9.Woah I’m just shocked that you allowed people without masks

10.Even Disneyland closed down in this situation….

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