I wanna dress up like Lia and Jennie

I wanna dress up as elegant as Lia and Jennie but I don’t know what are the special features of their fashion style ㅠㅠㅠ

Can you tell me in detail “They often wear achromatic colors, cropped shirts…” things like this. Thank you in advance
I attached pictures of my favorite outfits just in case there are some people who don’t know their style

Original post: Instiz

1.If you have a pretty face, you’ll look pretty wearing anything

2.Rather than fancy clothes, their faces are luxurious that they look elegant wearing anything

3.First of all, everything they wear is a luxury….

4.They just have the Born To Be Rich vibe

5.All their outfits look expensive. I agree that their looks, bodies and their vibe might have an impact but….First things first, expensive clothes are worth it

6.A pretty face + a thin figure

7.It looks like The Face is the answer!………The same clothes would look so different if someone else wore them!

8.I don’t think clothes are fancy actually…….. It’s more because of their looks

9.A good body is “the special features” you’re looking for! Just wearing a white T-shirt and jeans makes you look neat if you have a nice bodyㅋㅋㅋ
Body line+unique vibe, and you’re perfect

10.Expensive clothes! Body line and good proportion also play a part, but there must be a reason why expensive clothes are expensive.

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