BTS V reveals his daily life at home during Corona outbreak

BTS’ member V unveiled his daily life at home during coronavirus outbreak.

V posted a video on BTS’ official Twitter account on March 5th, along with the message “Everyone, if you’re bored, talk to the TV”

In the video, V’s dressed comfortably and dancing to a song on TV. With social distance intensifying in the aftermath of Coronavirus, V’s showing us the “excited” side of him at home.

Meanwhile, BTS was featured on James Corden Show’s special episode of Corona on March 30th to deliver a message of support.

Original post: Nate

[+206,-13]Just look at those beautiful legs….He looks pretty from the back.
It’s so good to see him try to communicate with his fans in everyway💜

[+170,-13]He’s so cute

[+35,-5]Watching him just being so cute and in a good mood is healing

[+25,-3]I watched the video and it was so cute!!!

[+24,-5]Oh my! look at his legs!ㅋIt’s prettier than girlsㅋㅋHe’s got a white skin

[+19,-4]I’m starting to think about ways to have fun at home in this situation too~~^^Taehyung-ie, you’re so cute~♡♡

[+10,-1]Fans don’t leave your housesㅋㅋ Our Kim teddy bear’s heart is as handsome as his face

[+2,-0]That’s my husbandㅋㅋ

[+1,-0]Taehyung’s teaching ARMYs how to play alone at home in case they got bored. Why are you so cute?ㅋㅋ

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