The gaze that a woman can feel

I know it all…
Let’s not sneak a peek…

Original post: Instiz

1.Woah this made me so upset! Really!

2.The older the person is, the worse it gets…

3.Maybe he was looking at the bottle of water…?

4.I doubt it, she’s not wearing some tight clothes for him to look at her like that. I personally think that he’s staring at the bottle

5.He wouldn’t have done that on the air..ㅠ

6.But regardless of the context of what happened here, some people stare at me like that, especially middle-aged men, and it makes me sick to my stomach

7.Maybe he was trying to get his guitar out of her reach…?

8.I don’t know what to think about this. There was a time that I went out with my mom in the summer and I was wearing a sleeveless shirt back then, an old man kept staring at my chest and ended up fighting with mom….Old people are really bad

9.Just go back and look at it carefully, he was looking at his guitar touching her arms and then he tried to get it off her….This is such a rude post!

10.Judging people by GIFs is the most dangerous thing … This is not the first time it’s happening. A lot of celebrities have been witch-hunted in that way and suffered a lot from it

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