Kim Taehee X Ko Bogyeol… a Beauty next to a Beauty

On the 3rd, Ko Bogyeol posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption “Hi Bye mama’s not airing this week, but please enjoy watching the Special Broadcast”

The released photo showed Ko Bogyeol hugging Seo Woojin and Kim Taehee with a puppy in her arms. The beautiful features of Ko Bogyeol, Kim Taehee and Seo Woojin were shining

Original post: Nate

[+788,-55] Kim Taehee is really pretty

[+50,-11]Frankly speaking, just by looking at their faces, Kim Taehee is still the top Korean female entertainerㅋㅋ

[+43,-30]Ko Bogyeol has such a pretty face, but she looks like a common girl next to Kim Taeheeㅜㅜ

[+35,-5]We all know that Kim Taehee’s beautiful, but Ko Bogyeol is so pretty too

[+16,-4]Ko Bogyeol is really pretty

[+16,-2]Both are pretty that the drama looks like a beauty contest

[+15,-3]Tae-Hye-Ji will be the top forever (Note: It’s a nickname for the top3 beauties Taehee-Hyekyo-Jihyun)


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