KAI’s Love Shot must have been a hit

3 of his Love Shot fancams have more than 4 million views

If we exclude BTS Jungkook,Jimin and V , then he has the highest amount of views for male idols. That’s crazy!

Original post: Pann


[+70,-1]I enjoy watching Kai’s fancams

[+67,-2]He had a solo performance at the winter Olympics closing ceremony and was EXO’s center, he’s also Gucci’s global model….Unbelievableㅠㅠ

[+58,-2]I watch Kai’s Love Shot fancams tooㅎㅎ

[+28,-2]Isn’t he the most viewed male idol ever on Facebook? There is also a viral Tempo fancam where he was wearing a bucket hat. He’s just exploding at this point!

[+26,-1]Your heart could explode if you watch Kai dancing

[+17,-2]It’s unfortunate that SM’s not on good terms with Mnet when they have a big number of subscribers. His fancam would’ve gotten way more views had it been on Mnet’s Youtube channel

[+16,-1]I heard he was the most viewed on Facebook among male idols

[+15,-1]He’s a top dancer

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