Ailee, how are you getting prettier?

On April 3rd, Ailee posted a new picture on her Instagram account with a caption” Bored”. Ailee was smiling at the camera showing off her slim V-line and her defined features accentuated her beauty. The fans’ responses were all postive praising her beauty

Original post: Nate

[+359,-51] Ailee sings well, dances well and is so cool. She’s great artist for real, and she’s getting prettier day by day

[+349,-53]She’s always been pretty, but she has gotten prettier recently

[+24,-9]But Ailee on Instagram looks so different from reporters’ pictures

[+18,-3]I think her agency’s keeping her from making a comeback….When are you releasing new music Unnie

[+11,-2]You’ve been saying that losing weight will affect you singing. So, you’re not going to sing, are you?

[+11,-8]I thought she was Luna at first glance

[+8,-6]I hope to see you on TV as soon as possible…

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