The fansite that went viral on April fool s day

It’s Nct Taeyong’s fansite master, and severyone was talking about her yesterday because of the high quality pictures that she posted of different entertainers, athletes, and even animals on April Fool’s Day.

Original post: Instiz


2.Woah… each and every one of them is like a work of art…

3.This is not a fansite master… This is an artist…. She’s a really good photographer

4.Woah she’s really good

5.I was really surprised by how handsome Lee Jeonghoo looks in the Golden Glove picture…

6.She’s more like a photographer at this point…

7.Robert Downey Jr came out like Tony Stark in that picture

8.Woah… She’s just gifted after all…

9.Lee Jeonghoo looks so handsome in the that picture

10.It looks like a pictorial rather that direct shots

11.Woah I never imagined a fansite master to be this good at taking pictures… She’s so talented!

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