Look at BTS Jungkook and Vs chin

*It’s a BTS post, just go back if you don’t like them

Look at Jungkook and V’s jawline compared to when they just debuted. They grew up so well, they’ve matured and look more charming now.

The chin and face have grown

This is what we call a good growth

Original post: Pann


[+215,-3]Our maknaes grew up really wellㅠㅠ

[+205,-3]From cute faces to hot and handsome men

[+84,-2]Ha, they really grew up well

[+83,-4]I don’t think there is a better growth than this

[+76,-1]They’re a wall…

[+70,-0]Too good to see


[+63,-0]The vibe is crazy here!

[+56,-2]I like this one…

[+52,-2]Sometimes I miss the maknae looking like a baby when he was a minor, but I prefer how he looks like now. Both of them have an amazing jawline

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