Olivia Hussey’s daughter before and after weight loss



India Eisley

Original post: Instiz

1.She looks pretty before and after

2.Woah, that’s amazing! How did she lose so much weight….?

3.Her mom is Olivia Hussey? No wonder she inherited her beauty

4.Oh, this was Olivia Hussey’s daughter? I didn’t know, she looked so pretty to me that I saved some of her pictures somehow

5.Woah…Genes aren’t going anywhere…

6.She’s so beautiful

7.She was always pretty, but it’s crazy how her vibe changed after weight loss.

8.Woah…Having beautiful features is like winning lottery…..
Even before weight loss she looked as pretty as Selena Gomez

9.How much weight did she lose….I’m curious?

10.Woah but really, pretty girls always look pretty no matter what

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