IU comes back with a new Chamisul Ad

South Korean liquor maker HiteJinro said on thursday that the new Chamisul ads with IU as a model will start airing on IPTV and online channels starting tomorrow (27th). Their new ad campaign is “Isul comes cleanly, and disappears cleanly too”

In addition to this advertisement, Hite Jinro is planning to provide contents targeting diverse consumers and increase its brand preference.

Oh Sung-taek, executive director of Hite Jinro’s marketing office, said, “This ad shows IU’s charm, Who’s been considered the most suitable model for Chamisul, and it expresses Chamisul’s strength in a pleasant and cheerful tone that disappears without a hangover, so I hope you enjoy the commercial and drink”

Original post: NaverNews

[+114,-2]Our national singer♡National Soju

[+55,-1]Chamisul♡IU♡is the best

[+24,-2]IU 💙

[+17,-1]Isul Fairy😚

[+14,-1]I love you~Fighting!

[+7,-0]I support the collaboration between our national singer and national soju

[+5,-0]”Isul fairy IU”, I love how it sounds

[+5,-0]The Chamisul and IU union is always the best♡

[+3,-0]IU’s the best♡♡

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