Young Americans’ Level is at the bottom during Corona Outbreak (Shocking!)

Original post: Instiz

1.They’re really ignorant

2.WTH…and why are there so many toilet paper rolls?

3.Not everyone’s like that, at least people I know. I have some friends who live there, and they never go out except for bying daily necessities. But it’s true that there are a lot of people like that…

4.If people went to a club in Korea now, well…

5.If you catch the virus while doing that, don’t blame it on asians afterwards. It’s all your fault for not respecting quarantine!

6.They must’ve lost their minds!

7.I really hope this represents just a small portion of the american population and not everyone’s thinking like that.

8.What’s up with the toilet paper rolls?

9.I think there are people in some parts of Korea that go to clubs and festivals too

10.Some selfish groups in Korea are not in a position to criticize the U.S. We’re in the same boatㅜㅜ

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