Park Seojoon Receives a gift from ‘Itaewon Class’ Writer

On Sunday, Park Seojoon posted on Instagram a painting of him in Itaewon along with the caption: “Dear writer whom I met during last year’s ‘Itaewon Class’ first meeting. I asked you to draw me a painting if the drama ended up doing very well. Thank you so much for doing so”

Original post: Nate

[+849,-34]Park Seojoon-ssi, your acting skills have improved dramatically…When I was watching Itaewon Class, I had the same feel as I did when I saw Jang Hyuk’s rising performance on “The Slave Hunters” a long time ago. Your emotional and sharp eye acting here was impressive!

[+716,-23]Park Seojoon was Saeroi himself

[+493,-21]You’re so handsome ♡

[+32,-2]I didn’t read the actual webtoon, but the first 10 episodes of this drama were impeccable. Right after that, there was no room for story development, just forced intensity from kiddnapping to an unconvincing success….

[+29,-1]Park SeoJoon was the perfect choice for Saeroi. President Jang, Saeroi and Jang Geunwon’s acting was outstanding in the drama!

[+25,-4]His acting was dazzling!!!

[+20,-1]Even though the story was a bit lacking in the drama’s latter part, Park Seojoon’s acting was really good, he was Park Saeroi himself.

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