Honey Lee and Yoon Kyesang Instagram update on their sweet date

Original post: Nate

[+1363,-72]She’s managing herself very well and she’s is so pretty

[+1295,-81]I really hope this pretty couple will end up getting marriedㅋ

[+103,-3]Why is everyone thinking that marriage complements love? “I wish I were married” What good would marriage bring you? Just live your life without worries, you can date if you want and breakup whenever you want

[+98,-10]Yoon Kyesang must be a really good man. His relationships always last very long

[+74,-6]They’ve been dating each other each other for a long time

[+69,-9]Woah, that seems to be a great date!

[+60,-4]I don’t want them to burden a long-term relationship with marriage

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