BTS Vs Samsung Galaxy S20 ad video…

Original post: Theqoo

1.Woah, he’s so handsome. He really knows how to show off his charm

2.Why is he so pretty? I’m just staring at his face, I can’t see the phone

3.He can’t be real!

4.Wow! V really has something pleasant about him

5.So attractive

6.His face’s really the best I’ve ever seen

7.Ah, he’s so good. V’s really good at individual ads

8.I hope he’ll have a lot of CFs in the future because he’s super handsome.

9.I can only see your face…ㅠㅠ So handsome!

10.I wish it was a TV commercial, he’d make it really big if people saw it. I’m mesmerized.

11.Whoa, his side profile…

12.He’s so handsome and, he has IT!! he just knows how to do it.

13.ㅠㅠI really like V’s face

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