Kim Yoojung showing off her fresh charm with a white dress

Several photos were posted on Fila’s official Instagram along with a caption: “A lovely dress worn by Yoojung”

The released photos showed Kim Yoojung posing with her arms raised on the beach. She cut off her hair and showed off her cute charm. Kim Yoojung showed off her visuals with her big eyes, high nose and thick lips.

Original post: Nate

[+454,-36]She looks as fresh as a fruit juice

[+313,-20]She really grew up well

[+254,-17]She looks like a Goddess

[+15,-9]She grew up fast… Very pretty…

[+15,-9]Yoojung looks pretty no matter what she wears

[+14,-5]She weirdly looks like Hyun-ah here


[+11,-3]Yoojung is really pretty. She looks fresh

[+10,-2]Woah! You look so fresh and pretty in that outfit! It won’t suit me if I try to wear it, I’ll look big in itㅠㅠㅋ

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